The 10th anniversary of the premier annual event for Qt users took place this year from 7 – 9 October in Berlin and from 6 – 8 November in San Francisco.

As with last year, this flagship community event is brought to you by KDAB, ICS and Digia in partnership with KDE.

The Berlin event was an unqualified success. The program included the traditional training day followed up by keynotes and a rich array of Qt related presentations. Topics covered performance, embedded, OpenGL, different platforms, design, web, C++, QML/Qt Quick, tooling, add-ons and in-depth.

New this year was the Qt Developer Days Starter Edition held at the nearby Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz. This was an innovative extension to Qt Developer Days, specifically tailored for people new to Qt, managers, or returnees looking for a refresher on the basics. It ran parallel to Qt Developer Days 2013, with some shared activities, and at an entry-level registration fee.

Another entirely new feature this year were the Lightning Talks where conference delegates were offered a 10 minute lightning talk slot on any subject relating to Qt. The talks were of a very high quality and culminated with a winner’s prize for the talk that won the most votes. Check out the program…